A place to stay: De Hoek Guesthouse

by Maretha Langenhoven

A belated writing but certainly not a reflection of the hospitality we received from Frankfort (a little town, south of Villiers in the Free State).

On 6 May 2014 we arrived at “De Hoek” guesthouse where we entered a world of beautiful lavender bushes, sprawling passion fruit bushes, calming water features, a fusion of farm and French style décor and most of all a world where we met a warm, friendly and smiling Magda. She is truly an amazing woman as she single handedly ensures that her guests are welcomed, comfortable, feels at home and that they don’t go hungry (dinner and breakfast were simply fantastic) or without their caffeine fix for the day J. She graces this beautiful old renovated house with her flair and it is visible in every aspect of this old charming building and its gardens.

We stayed in the family room and had everything we needed. All rooms have a fridge, coffee station, microwave and let me not forget the extra blankets and the wall mounted heaters that keep the cold nights at bay.

If ever you pass through this small little town in the Free State, be sure to stay at “De Hoek” guesthouse, as it is truly a home away from home.

As you all know Hanno had a painful Achilles tendon and we decided to look up a physiotherapist in Frankfort, this took us to the practice of Johan Taute and made us experience yet another warm, welcoming and generous side of Frankfort. Johan sponsored Hanno for two treatments and was at the same time great company and clearly little Marhané’s favourite person of the trip so far.

As the 7th was voting day we decided to make our mark count and proceeded to the voting station in Frankfort before leaving for Tweeling. We voted nationally and although there was no cue it took us twice as long as it would because strangely we were not allowed to take Marhané in with us so we had to take turns holding her outside.

Lesson learned: its ok to ask, otherwise a yes will never be possible…

IMG_2950 IMG_2931 IMG_2965


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