I am the involved product of my relations; a fresh and new beginning with a fellow traveler (my very best friend),  my 5-year old son, my friends, my past, present and future, my theological class and by (my perception of) God. However, my identity doesn’t stop there; it is also formed by the way I live, my patterns of consumption, the books I read and those I don’t read, my relation to nature and the choices I make. These are only a few of the things that make me part of an intricate web-of-being. Thus at the same time I am being constituted and constituting at the same time.

Of specific interest is my response to nature, the beauty of Creation and an undeniable ecological crisis that face this planet, called Earth. It colours the tint of my glasses green and influences the way I dress, read (especially the Bible), study, work, consume, dispose and enjoy.

I am (cosmic) dust and to (cosmic) dust I will return, who knows in which form!

You can find another of my blogs here.


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