Having fun

by Maretha Langenhoven

It must be said that as adults we have definitely lost our inner child and with that I mean the ability to have FUN.  We come up with a thousand and one excuses why we can’t do FUN things and with FUN things I don’t mean shopping, watching a movie or walking the dog.

Yesterday I went boogie boarding with Hanno & Christo in Munster during high tide.  At first the inconvenience of the cold water (which wasn’t that cold after all) played a major factor why I postponed this event for nearly a week, the chance that my bathing suit will become undone or expose part of my body was another constant “what-if”.  Then there was the intimidation of the big waves swelling in the back and the paralyzing fear of the unknown.  All of these concerns and fears were forgotten once my head went under the first wave, the perception of safety surrounded me and together Hanno and I swam to the back waiting for the perfect wave that will take us back to the shore.

“kick-kick-kick” I heard him say and the next moment the power of this wave griped me and not so smoothly carried me to shore. WOW! This was a thrilling experience and for a moment I forgot all about remembering to check my bathing suit and you know what, I actually caught myself not giving a damn about it as all I wanted to do was swim back out and experience more FUN.

Regret always comes too late and with a price but as our dear friend Christo says, it’s not a sin, its just not good for you!  So I am letting the regret go and embracing this amazing experience as a lesson learned.