A place to stay: Lekoa Lodge

by Maretha Langenhoven

I guess my “hospitality” background automatically nominated me as the blogger of our accommodation, food & beverage experiences. Trust me, this is not an easy task because I am very service orientated and have the inability to see past the smaller details.

Let me start by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by Lekoa Lodge. They were the first place to return my e-mail and sponsor our stay for our first night away from home on 5 May 2014.

Leaving Hanno behind on the N3 somewhere between Heidelberg & Villiers, I decided to go ahead, find the lodge, check in, feed Marhané and relax a bit. The GPS co-ordinates took me to a dirt road, through corn fields, passed beautiful birding spots and when it said “You have reach your destination”, I stopped, looked around me and all I saw was more fields with plenty cattle to welcome me. Lesson in life is to always search a bit further…. Just a few hundred meters ahead, over a little hill lay the most beautiful forest-like trees, green lawns, thatched roofs and the great welcoming entrance of LEKOA LODGE.

Elize was so excited to meet both little Marhané and myself. She checked us in and to my relief we had the first chalet closest to the reception and restaurant.

Our little chalet was so welcoming, tastefully decorated and well cared for. The cleanliness and attention to detail deserved a special mention. The chalet had a little lounge area with a kitchenette (stocked for all self catering needs) and a table seating 4. The bathroom is spacious and has a bath, shower and the most beautiful old world basin stand. When I entered the room I could feel the difference immediately, it was nice and warm and I thought its because the sun bakes it in the afternoons but later in the evening, when I walked barefoot on the carpet, I realised that it has under floor heating. This was such a blessing as the cold set in the moment the sun disappeared behind the hills.

I unpacked our bags, fed Marhané and settled in. Felt right at home when a beautiful black furry friend came to visit me, said hallo and then accompanied me to our car. I drove off again to fetch Hanno “somewhere” on the N3 between Heidelberg and Villiers.

On our way back from the second run of the day Elize called to ask if we are going to have dinner at the restaurant and what time we would like to be served. After freshening up and dressing warm we made our way to the restaurant. A very homely space and all I can say is the food was spectacular.   Luckily we abided by our rule of sharing because the portion sizes are very generous. The presentation was excellent and the service we got from the staff was superb.

We slept like babies…. (Truly cause we are sleeping according to little baby Marhané’s schedule). The bed was very comfortable, the linen crisp, the room warm and of course the silence of the “platteland” was very good for our souls

Elize came to say goodbye early morning as we headed out just as the sun rose, this made us feel like part of the Lekoa family.

Thank you Elize and your team at Lekoa Lodge for making part of our Barefoot Comrades Journey possible.

Lekoa Lodge 1

Lekoa Lodge 2

Lekoa Lodge dinner